An open youth group for the HD8 Area

Kayaking is one of the reasons that Navigators exist.  Fiona, Ewan and Ruaridh had invested a lot of time and funds in developing coaching qualifications, and when they left the Scout Association they offered to continue kayak coaching. However, the offer was declined.

After initially setting up Navigators, kayaking was one of the first activities to be brought back into the programme with funding from Sport England. 

The fleet available to Navigators includes a range of kayaks suitable for use on flat and moving water. Stable boats with a flat hull and large cockpits. These can be accompanied by two Canadian canoes, which allow those who cannot access a kayak the opportunity to paddle, or be taken for a paddle.

There are also some privately owned boats that can be made available. 

Additionally, there is a fleet of eight “Revenge” Polo boats for use in Scissett swimming baths – where Navigators offer initial training sessions when the pool is available over the winter.